Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I'm alive!

I live! I have arrived successfully in Seattle (as of 7/1), it's beautiful and awesome here. Going to take me a few weeks to get situated - my stuff is still apparently back in Boston (supposed to arrive next week apparently at the latest) but I love my new apartment and neighborhood! 

I will be teaching two series of classes at Tin Can Studio (Tuesday and Thursday evenings, starting at the end of this month), I will be performing at Medfest on Saturday, July 21st, from 3-4pm with Nathaniel Johnstone...and this past Saturday I performed up in Bellingam, WA with Abney Park.  More info shortly on upcoming classes and shows.

I'm in the midst of doing a complete website overhaul, so once I get that completed in the next week, and get my toes on firm ground, we'll be back up and running with a lot of new exciting things, so stay tuned!