Thursday, August 12, 2010

From Spring Caravan 2010: Metropolis & Live Music

Had tried to upload this shortly after the event, but it was just a little over the youtube time limit, and I never got around to editing it into two pieces, but now they changed their limits!

It's such a pleasure to dance to live music, and I especially enjoyed doing live improv with Nathaniel again.  Nathaniel is an extremely talented musician and a really great guy, and if you're familiar with Abney Park, you've heard him!  The first time we performed together was at Gothla US, and that was a very magical evening as well:

Both videos were shot by Rob of Candlelight Productions - you can also find the first part of that performance under my meddevi account.  Music for the "Metropolis" piece is by Kozai Resonance, mixed a bit by my husband Keith.

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  1. I think you really shine when performing improvisation to live music. The costume was fantastic and creative as always.