Monday, January 17, 2011

Performer's Top 5 Elements for an Excellent Performance At Any Stage

5. Test-Drive. Always practice-run your costume and double-check pins and closures.  Watch out for hair-catching elements and other potential mishap areas. 

4. Blinded By the Light - stay in the lights, where the audience can see you, your costume, your moves, etc.

3. Breathe.  Before you go out and during - get the oxygen flowing!

2. Engage.  LOOK at your audience, not the ceiling, not the floor, not unfocused somewhere else.

1. HAVE FUN.  As in, look and feel like you are enjoying what you're doing.  I'm not talking about being happy-go-lucky, plastered smile, I'm talking, if you want to perform, then LOOK it.  Cause otherwise, why are you up there?