Wednesday, October 19, 2011

In Seattle this weekend!

I am very excited to be returning to Seattle this weekend to teach two great workshops at Skin Deep Dance and be a part of a terrific show at Tin Can Studio this Saturday. I haven't been to the Pacific Northwest since the Durga Tour in 2009, and that was really too short of a time!

Nathaniel Johnstone and I are teaming up to teach a dynamic workshop on musicality called "Anatomy of a Song & Dance."  We will be dissecting two of his amazing songs, instrument by instrument, and addressing how to best embody those sounds through your body via dance - and then we will put it all together.  The techniques and approaches we will share with you will enable you to take ANY song and really break it down and get the most out of it.  Ever wonder how to put together a choreography that really works with the music? Want to be a better improv artist?  After this two hour workshop, you WILL have the tools to do it, and feel a lot more confident in your performances.  The second workshop is "Between the Veils", where I share my secrets to excellent and dramatic veil workshop that really takes fusion bellydance to the next level. Workshop info: - and I do believe space will be available at the door. Don't miss it!

Then that evening, we will be joined by the rest of Nathaniel's band and a wonderful variety of performers for a show at Tin Can Studio -

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  1. If you make a DVD of the Anatomy of a song workshop I WILL buy it!