Thursday, November 3, 2011

Tribal Fest 12! Bring IT.

photo - Dina Lydia, w/ Nathaniel Johnstone Band, Seattle 10/22/11
So the Tribal Fest 12 website launched on Tuesday. Tribal Fest doesn't take place until May 16th-20th, 2012, but workshop spaces are already selling fast (and selling out), so here's your head's up about what I am teaching this year. 

I am offering a BRAND NEW workshop entitled "
Essence of the Dance: From the Inside Out".  It takes place on the Thursday (17th) from 2:30-4:30pm.  I created this workshop because so many people have asked me in the last year, how do I put so much energy and intensity into my performances?  Whether you're doing traditional or fusion dance, dark or perky, this will show you how to get that something else in your dance, while still being true to YOU as a dancer. 

So, yeah, this class isn't for those who want to be clones.  You wanna develop your own style? This is for you. Two hours that will revolutionize your dance, I promise. I'm not here to kick your butt, I'm here to kickstart your mind and body.

Here's the description: Truly making the dance your own, creating your own voice and personal style, comes not just from the movements you do, but how you translate them through your body and the energy you use to engage the audience with. If you're looking to find your own voice in the dance and strive to be uniquely YOU, this workshop will actively engage your body and mind, and give you the tools in order to make it possible, within the framework of bellydance. We will explore daily exercises to enhance your dance connectivity, personalize your core movements, and add intensity and power to your armwork, footwork, and core while deepening control of your entire being. From exploring "simple" elegance to adding more complexity and contrast, get more satisfaction out of both your practice time and your performances! Suitable for all styles of bellydance. Warning: May involve live music.
Spots going fast.  Sign up here!

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