Monday, July 15, 2013

"DecoDance" - A new instructional DVD from Tempest!

I am very pleased and excited to announce that we have begun work on my next instructional DVD - "DecoDance"! Following the highly praised format and presentation of my last self-produced DVD "Bellydance Artistry", this next project builds upon the concepts presented in that DVD and expands upon them to enhance your dance!

"DecoDance" pulls inspiration from the beauty and elegant style of the Art Deco Era and blends it with Bellydance:
* Exquisite Armwork & Elegant Motion Exercises *
* New DecoPunk/Nouveau Noir Combinations *
* Theatricality & Drama in Bellydance *
* 2 Performances *
* 6 New Songs by Nathaniel Johnstone *

Just like "Bellydance Artistry", we will be raising the money for this project via crowd-funding - with options for a variety of budgets and awesome rewards for all!

For complete information on the DVD and to contribute to the project/pre-order your DVD before the deadline, please head to:

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